Girl’s Bathhouse Renovations Jim Walter June 2021 The boy’s bathhouse was finished 2 summers ago, but the girl’s side was closed last summer as it was unfinished. Renovations have been started, but need completed. Plumbing Repairs Fiber Board Measured and Hung Toilets Installed (x3) Partitions Installed (x3) Materials Sponsor(s)
Storage Shed Roof / Trim Replacement Jim Walter Summer 2021 This is located in the parking lot behind the dining hall. The roof needs replaced, along with some fascia and soffit boards, some trim pieces. Materials (Shingles for 120 sq ft) Materials Sponsor(s) $200 Installer: We have a volunteer to do the labor.
Maintenance Garage Jim Walter / Gene Renner Ongoing This is the new maintenance garage (former craft & pavilion on the hill) that was started in 2018. More work needs done in order to use it this winter. Walls & Electric Insulation Installed Garage Door Installed Metal Siding Installed (60% completed) Metal Roof Installed
Vollyball net replacment Mr. Jim July 3, 2020 The volleyball to be replaced this week. July 3 The new net is a pro volleyball net designed for outdoors. Net Sponsor(s) $200 Installer
Shelves painted in Camp Store Jim Walter Summer 2021 The unpainted storage shelves in the camp store needed painted white. Materials (Paint, brushes, etc) Materials Sponsor(s) $75 Installer: We have a volunteer to do the labor.
Completed! August 2021 Thank you to the person that paid for it and the volunteer that installed it at no cost!
Completed! If you’d still like to sponsor the materials we won’t say no. :) Thank you to the volunteers that painted.