Camper registration forms/applications are available to download below. For a Registration form, besides downloading, please contact us:     1. by phone: (717) 328-2784     2. by email:     3. at any FBC Affiliated church. NOTE: Registration Deadline is 2 weeks prior to the start of your week.


1. Download Registration Form.  2. You need to print and fill out both sides/pages of the registration form. 3. DO NOT MAIL TO CAMP TOHIGLO! 4. Mail to the Camp Registrar - see registration for her address!


1. We have new registration forms this year. Read carefully! 2. Be sure to sign the registration in 2 places before mailing or it WILL be returned. 3. DO NOT mail or email completed forms to Camp Tohiglo. Registrations MUST BE  mailed via Postal Mail TO THE REGISTRAR, not Camp Tohiglo. 4. The Camp Dean for your child's week will send you a confirmation letter and more information about their week of camp. Most letters will not go until JUNE, as most Dean's are still finalizing staff & activities.


You should expect an acceptance letter from the Camp or the Camp Dean for that week in about 2 weeks* after submitting your application. If you fail to get your letter after 2-3 weeks, please contact the Camp or the Dean for your week. The Dean's phone number is on the application. *Note: Early Registrations (April & May) please expect longer than 2-3 weeks for your acceptance letter as Camp Deans are still organizing their staff and schedule of activities. Camper Registrations are numbered in the order they are received
What to bring as a camper: Not sure what to bring to camp? Please check the FAQ's section on our web site or look on your Camper Registration / Brochure for more information.




*Registration Form is a PDF file. If your computer doesn’t have a PDF viewer you may download one free from Adobe here.
The registration form does not have the cost written on it this year, please see below or the brochure for the cost. The Cost per camper* $200 Registrations if registration is done on the startup day of camp for your child. $180 Registrations postmarked after June 15, 2017 $170 Registrations postmarked by June 15, 2017 $160 Registrations postmarked by May 15, 2017 NOTE: Registration Deadline is 2 weeks prior to the start of your child’s week. *plus some activity fees which may vary from week to week. Accpetance letter from the Dean, for their week, will explain any additional costs. SUMMER CAMP 2017* WEEK AGES DATES CAMP DEAN Primary 7-8 July9-14 Pastor Mark Jones Junior 9-10 July 16-21 Pastor Matt Robinson PreTeen 11-12 July 23-28 Pastor Dale Carver Teen 13-19 July 30-Aug 4 Pastor Bruce Dick All Weeks are Sunday through Friday. * These dates are for the FBC Summer Camp.  If you’re looking for dates for a camp that is HOSTED at Camp Tohiglo, but not sponsored by Tohiglo (Fellowship of Bible Churches), please see the Hosted Events page.
HOW TO CHECK-IN ON CAMP START DAY You have to check-in (we call it “Registration”) on the Sunday of your camp week. Registration/Check-In time is 2:00pm - 4:00pm! If you can not check-in by 4:00pm, please call your Camp Dean ahead of then to make arrangements. The registration line will not start before 2:00pm. Upon arrival, report to the dinning hall to check-in, get a number and wait until your number is called, then you can go through the line. Our nurse will be in that line to discuss camper allergy/medications if applicable. The camper should go through the line with the line parents/guardians.