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*Not all activities are available during all weeks and are subject to available instructors during the summer.


Camp Tohiglo Summer Camp is an overnight Christian Camp with lots of activities, fun, and fellowship.  Camp Begins on Sunday afternoon and continues until Friday evening - exact pickup times vary from week to week.  We offer 4 great weeks of camp each summer.  Overnight camp is offered for children from age 7 to 19 divided into age groups.  Below are the weeks this year. The Cost per camper* $225 Registrations if registration is done (if approved) on the startup day of camp for your child. $200 Registrations postmarked after June 15, 2018 $180 Registrations postmarked by June 15, 2018 $160 Registrations postmarked by May 15, 2018 NOTE: Registration Deadline is 2 weeks prior to the start of your child’s week. *plus some activity fees which may vary from week to week. Accpetance letter from the Dean, for their week, will explain any additional costs. SUMMER CAMP 2018* WEEK AGES DATES CAMP DEAN Primary 7-8 July 8-13 Pastor Mark Jones Junior 9-10 July 15-20 Pastor Matt Robinson PreTeen 11-12 July 22-27 Pastor Dale Carver Teen 13-19 July 29-Aug 3 Mr. Allen Walck All Weeks are Sunday through Friday. * These dates are for the FBC Summer Camp.  If you’re looking for dates for a camp that is HOSTED at Camp Tohiglo, but not sponsored by Tohiglo (Fellowship of Bible Churches), please see the Hosted Events page. HOW TO REGISTER Registration available on our REGISTERATION PAGE > HERE. *Parent/Guardian must register any child under 18. HOW TO CHECK-IN ON CAMP START DAY You have to check-in (we call it “Registration”) on the Sunday of your camp week. Registration/Check-In time is 2:00pm - 4:00pm! If you can not check-in by 4:00pm, please call your Camp Dean ahead of then to make arrangements. The registration line will not start before 2:00pm. Upon arrival, report to the dinning hall to check-in, get a number and wait until your number is called, then you can go through the line. Our nurse will be in that line to discuss camper allergy/medications if applicable. The camper should go through the line with the line parents/guardians. ACTIVITIES Each week of camp offers different activities for campers.  They may include:
What to bring: Not sure what to bring to camp? Please check the FAQ's section on our web site or look on your Camper Registration for more information.
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Looking for information about a Non-FBC 'camp', or event, that's being held at Tohiglo?  see Hosted Events for more info.
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