54 Acre Campus
Main Building and Cabins 11 & 12 Pool Shallow Corner BBQ Pit Archery Range - Spring Time Motel Room Desk & Chair Motel Room - 2 Double Beds BBQ Pit flippy grate thingys.  Mmmmm.  Easy Chicken.
Main Building (Multi-purpose) Our multi-purpose building contains our Dining Hall and our Gymnasium. Most groups can keep tables setup on one end for meals, at the same time, have a game area in the other end. The entire room can be utilitzed for meals or for games. The Upper Room, above the kitchen is ideal for meetings.
Upper Room Gas Oven and Convection Ovens
Campus Map Left Outfiled Looking Towards Cabins 4-6 Dining Hall
Outdoor Chapel
Dining Hall
Kitchen Ovens
Outdoor Swimming Pool 2’ 4” - 8.5’
Archery Range
Motel Units - 8 Motel Rooms with 2 Beds in each, plus room for an air matress or two.
Upper Room
Front Porch of Dining Hall from Volleyball Court
Main Building
Archery Range - Summer Time Rifle Range
Rifle Range
Camp Fire Circle
Camp Fire Circle (seats 80-100 campers)
Archery Range
Not-Pictured: Pavilion 1 - enclosed pavilion behind the snack shop, includes a laundry room (3 washers / 3 dryers) Pavilion 2 - “craft pavilion” - one end enclosed for craft room, larger end is an open pavilion Softball Field Outdoor Basketball Court - High School Regulation size with Pro Dunk® Rims/Backboards Hiking Trail - surrounds 75% of Camp Tohiglo Camp Office
Israeli Dodge Ball (GaGa) Court
Cabins 1-6 (left to right)
Cabin 7
Cabins 8-10 (left to right)